Customer Care Support Services

In any industry, service quality is a key pillar of any company strategy. By the term “service quality” we essentially mean the level of responsiveness to customer expectations about the services provided.

Customers become increasingly aware of the competitor alternatives on offer. As competition increases the quality of service provided, customers similarly increase their expectations and demands about the quality of service they receive. Increased customer satisfaction will lead to increased customer loyalty.

Customer satisfaction provides significant business benefits (including revenue growth due to inelastic demand, cost reductions linked to customer complaint redemptions) and contributes to increased long-term financial business performance. To enjoy these benefits, a business needs to invest in customer service, as happy customers are the key to success.

Mediatel offers flexible telecommunication solutions that ensure full achievement of the business goals of its customers. With a strong sense of cooperation, we align our business culture to yours, in order to ensure the best possible representation of your brand, providing our expertise and skills.

With long experience in customer service projects, Mediatel focuses primarily on providing safe and reliable solutions, through which productivity and ROI metrics can improve.

Our expertise in large-scale service projects for our key business customers, as well as our well-established technical infrastructure, enables us to guarantee high quality for the services we offer.

For Mediatel, customer service is the added value we bring to our business customers, through the profound training of our human resources as well as the customer-focused spirit of our front-line Operator teams – after all, these teams comprise the powerful link between the voice of the business and the end customer. Our front-line teams are:

  • The “face” of the company.
  • An integral part of the “total customer experience”, in the overall process of the customer interacting with the business.
  • Recipients of consumer opinions and observations. Their valuable feedback provides great improvement opportunities to the business customer.
  • Able to create “happy customers”. A happy customer will endorse and amplify the brand reputation.

The core features of Quality in Customer Service, infused in all our employees, are:

  • Respect
  • Courtesy
  • Spirit to serve
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of the business specifics
  • Provision of alternatives
  • Speed
  • Reliability – a climate of trust
  • Provision of a positive service experience