We believe that a modern company should invest in tools leading to the stabilility and expansion of its clientele so as to secure viability. Communicating regularly with targeted groups, gathering information about their needs and practices and offering the proper products and services contribute substantially to your company’s growth.
Mediatel has the means to aid you in achieving that objective.
Delivering the best people, the most advanced technological equipment and well-planned strategies, we can help you out in terms of obtaining new customers and building consumer confidence in your company.


Clientele expansion & preservation

Mediatel possesses years of experience and expertise in clientele expansion and preservation through outbound sales campaigns.
The following categories summarize the primary activities concering clientele expansion:
Selling direct-to-consumer outbound campaings
Informing potential customers about products and arrange a visit from one of our trained sales representative to complete product’s selling.
Concerning the preservation of clientele, we provide separate proposals to each one of our customers depending on the objectives they have set.
The actions we can implement regarding the handling and preservation of existing customers are summarized in the following basic categories:
Satisfaction Surveys
Contract Renewal / Proactive


Database Management

Our services offer updated and well-organized databases geared to the strategy and goals of our customers.
Our database contains accurate and consistent communication data and we actively and continuously seek to upgrade it, should any changes occur.
Having understood your needs, we build targeted customer lists in order to help you achieve immediate results.


Debt Collection

We recognize that debt collection is not an easy task, particularly when customers face financial difficulties.
Mediafon Collection (Mediatel’s subsidiary company) has the know-how and is familiar with the implementation of the proper approach to your customers without jeopardizing the professional relationship you maintain with them.


Market research surveys and polls

Nowadays, market research surveys are not only a tool but the guide to decision making for every company.
Mediatel, combining experienced staff, reliable methodology and up-to-date equipment and techniques, provides high-level market research surveys and polls services and undertakes the design, conduct and analysis of results.