We offer a modern Call Center operating 24/7. It is staffed with responsible agents who have an overwheling number of years of experience in customer service , having the abilities to either provide correct information about products/services or handle and carry through customers’ requests and complaints. We ensure consistent and high-quality customer service for our clients.


Customer Care Services

We believe that effective communication with customers is the key to making your business a success.
The methodology behind each service provided by your company reflect its overall image, reliability and ultimately growth and profitability.
We have the experience to develop and implement the methodology that will ensure your brand’s reputation for consistency, quality and reliability. Customers have different requirements and expectations and so, we focus on establishing successful approch with each and every one of them, completely satisfying their needs.


Τechnical Support

After sales support is an important factor in order to build a strong customer relationship.
With our experienced employees, properly trained in technical issues resolution, we offer your clients fast and reliable solutions.
Our goal is to provide immediate and accurate solutions to any problem occured, achieving first-call resolution.


Complaints Management

The correct handling of comlaints is of fundamental importance as it benefits your company in respect of ensuring strong and long-term relationship with your customers.
Particularly, complaints management helps you collect feedback from customers about your products and services, detect weaknesses and implement corrective actions.
Our experienced agents provide immediate and high-quality management of complaints and requests consistent with the predetermined procedures.


Orders & Bookings Management

We can help you increase your sales significantly offering services of orders management and transactions processing, fast, safe and reliable.
Our call center agents carry out orders, operating as an integral part of your company’s sales network. They have been trained to provide effective sales services in a safe and secure environment for any kind of transactions.
Furthermore, we directly deal with your company’s reservations collecting all the necessary information.



Your time is valuable. So the time of your partners.We recognize that and we offer you a reliable service of appointments and meetings management.
E-Secretary will provide to you a complete control of all the activities of managing your contacts, correspondences and appointments.
Your online calendar is updated automatically with any change, ensuring efficiency and enhanced productivity.
Let us protect your valuable time with our E-Secretary service.


Directory inquiries

Fast, Reliable, Friendly! These are the three words you are searching for when you need information about fixed or mobile numbers and yellow pages. Directory Inquiries 11850 offer these characteristics round the clock, 365 days a year.
By enriching our directory assistance database on a daily basis, we ensure immediate and accurate information to our customers.
Call 11850 and get info about anything you may need such as:
 Public sector, police departments, institutes
 Emergency hospitals and pharmacies
 Theatrical performances and movies screenings
 Means of transport routes
 Weather forecast & lottery results
You can be provided with as many telephone numbers as you need with a single call and we can perform direct connection with the desired one.