Mediatel SA was founded in 1995; ever since, it is the market leader in the provision of high technology interactive telecommunication solutions and applications.

The Call Center of Mediatel SA was established in June 1999, with the scope of providing high quality services to large companies in areas such as telephone customer service, telesales, back-office services and many other specialized services. Mediatel Contact & Call Center is recognized as one of the largest nationwide, thanks to its long-standing experience in highly demanding projects.

Mediatel aims to provide high quality services that fully meet the constantly changing needs of the market today and in the future. We constantly invest in our technology and human resources to ensure that effective, flexible services are delivered directly through impeccable, cutting-edge infrastructure.

Quality is one of Mediatel’s competitive advantages. Quality is not only reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities –relocated 3 years ago to the 7th and 8th floors of “Cosmos” tower, near Panormou Metro Station– but extends to areas such as the continuous and extensive Training of its human resources, thereby safeguarding the high standards of service quality offered to its customers.

Mediatel Call Center is certified since 2002 with ISO 9001: 2008 for “Design and provision of integrated telephone services solutions”; in 2015, BUREAU VERITAS completed its certification audit with absolute success, according to ISO 27001: 2013.

The extensive audit demonstrated the integral fulfillment of all procedures required, under the strict standard in matters of security in the services provided by the CALL CENTER and the involved HR and IT departments. The ISO certification has been applied to areas of: Designing and provision of integrated telephone service solutions, customer service, telesales, back-office and support services, management of data which are stored and handled in print and digital formats, etc.
This certification is yet another proof of the top quality standard of service our customers enjoy in Greece and abroad.


Our 900 m² modern facilities are located in Athens, on the 7th and 8th floor of “Cosmos” business center, offering a capacity of 300 work seats and using the most advanced technological equipment.
All areas are ergonomically designed providing a friendly and functional working environment.

Technological equipment

We foster and maintain a safe workplace for our employees. We utilize effective means such as fire safety systems, security services, CCTV and access control systems so as to provide a safe work environment for everyone, free from any hazards and in compliance with legislation.

Human Resources

Our people and their team spirit are the key elements adding value to the services provided and the company overall.Our primary goal is to maintain the anthropocentric character of the company through stimulation of initiative and collaborative efforts.
These characteristics are reflected on each company’s department, teams and activities.
We are dedicated to building an effective two-way communication between enterprises, institutions and their customers and all our objectives are centered on this.We aim at establishing long-lasting relationships of trust between our customers and employees, always preserving human values.We constantly strive to secure the best possible working conditions keeping in mind our obligation to respect human life.
We encourage our employees to take initiatives, search for innovative and practical ideas and implement them.Our target is to boost job satisfaction that will lead to notable performance and ultimately produce first-rate results for our employees and customers.
Company’s policy is based upon the principleσ of “equal treatment for equal work”, professional development and personal growth.
We foster an excellent working environment where teams work harmoniously, imbued with ardour for competition and constant progress leading to strong and long-term collaborations.

Philosophy / Objectives

We firmly believe that each and every one of our customers is unique. Thus, we tailor our services to customers’ specific goals and objectives.
We endeavour to gain our customers’ confidence and meet their requirements by acting upon the following principles:
1) Know-how in providing innovative services.
2) Commitment to satisfy the most demanding of customers.
3) Price competitiveness.
4) Trust, co-operation and reliability.