Mediatel is committed to providing to its employees a pleasant and safe workplace. We constantly stive for developing and maintaining a strong relationship of trust with our people.
We use the latest technological techniques during the training process and services provision, offering modern facilities in which our people can work together harmoniously and perform effectively.
Through scheduled plans of continuous training, we ensure that our people have the appropriate skills and knowledge required to accomplish the targets of each task we undertake.
Having years of experience in identifying the right people for the requirements arising and through the proper guidance and training, our employees achieve the highest of qualitative and quantitative results.
The employees who are characterized by professionalism, consistency and accomplish personal and team’s goals are considered as a great asset for our company and are acknowledged accordingly.
Implementing an objective assessment process, we lay emphasis on recruitment, training and proper division of labour suiting the needs of our customers with our employees’ skills and in this way we push forward ambitious and talented persons that go after their dreams and make them true.
We invest in and count on our people and give impulse to them in order to ensure a dynamic, creative and competitive career.
And such career is due to features of professionalism, far from barriers of age limit and years of experience.

Seize the oppurtunity and come to work with us.