Call Center – Call Center Services

Mediatel Call Center services constitute the most effective two-way communication between enterprises, institutions or organizations and their customers or the general public.

Mediatel is the leading call center service provider in the market since 1995. Over the last 3 years, more than 50 new corporate customers have trusted Mediatel for service projects including Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction Research, Telephone Directory Information Provision, Service Promotions, Customer Data Validation. Mediatel Call Center conducts over 20 million telephone communications on an annual basis with customers in Greek and other European languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese etc. Equipped with high technology call stations, Mediatel Call Center is capable of offering incessant 24/7 operation to its business customers.

An important highlight is that our business customers hold some of the leading positions in their own market sectors –including Telecommunications, Energy, Entertainment, Recreation, Tourism, Pharmaceuticals, Retail etc. Through such rich and diverse experience, we have developed powerful expertise in the training of customer service professionals, tailored to the specific business requirements of each individual service project.

This is achieved by investing in the Human Resources of our Call Center. Our Call Center Operators are at the heart of our success. Planning, management, measurability and constantly refreshed training material, are all essential tools to ensure a solid monitoring and improvement of key performance indicators of the service quality our teams provide.

Staff selection process involves high quality standards at every stage, which are constantly reviewed via internal audits. Mediatel provides the following Call Center Services:

Inbound Service

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Telephone Directory Information Provision

Outbound Service

  • Information Sharing
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Customer Complaints Handling
  • Promotional Activities

Back Office Services

  • Contract Management Services
  • Contract Data Entry/Data Updating
  • Customer Request Editing / Submission
  • Business customer fax/emails management

Personal Loans

  • Administrative support and project supervision by Mediatel expert teams
  • Administrative support and project supervision by customer appointed teams
  • Administrative support and project supervision by joint customer and Mediatel team