Terms of Use

General terms of the telephone directory information service of Mediatel Telephone Information Services S.A.


1.1.MEDIATEL TELEPHONE INFORMATION SERVICES SA (hereinafter the “Company”) offers the services described below to the public according to the Greek telecommunications legislation, consumer protection and personal data.  The company can provide the user (hereinafter “customer”) access to the services provided via the number 11850 through interconnection agreements with other telecommunications providers.

1.2 The contract between the company and the customer deemed established whenever the customer calls the number 11850 and successfully created the telephone connection from the company’s network and it lasts only for the time the respective telephone connection to the company’s network.

1.3. Through the short code 11850 assigned to the company by EETT, the following directory information is provided with a similar fee under the relevant price list of provided services:

  • Geographic telephone numbers of telephone connections within the Greek territory.
  • Subscribers’ addresses
  • Geographic telephone numbers of telephone connections, as well as business addresses in certain geographical areas according to the commercial and professional titles.
  • Non-geographical telephone numbers of free-of-charge connections
  • non-geographic telephone numbers of additional charge connections
  • non-geographic telephone numbers of shared cost service connections
  • telephone numbers of connections to cellular telephone networks
  • Network dialing codes and codes of geographic areas within the Greek territory.
  • Postal codes for roads within the Greek territory.


2.1. The company provides the above information through specialized operators or using IVR system or by sending SMS, MMS, e-mail or fax if that is technically and operationally feasible.

2.2. The provision of services is provided if the relevant details are available. The company reserves the right to amend, suspend or activate a particular service at any time.

2.3. If the search of a simple directory request takes longer than 5 minutes, the company can offer to call the customer later if the search bears any results.

2.4. For the transmission of this information, the company may also use SMS, MMS, email or fax through a network of third parties under the terms of provision of these services by third parties.


3.1. After the announcement of the search result, the company may, upon request of the customer, to complete the call to the desired geographical landline telephone number within the Greek Territory or mobile number of mobile phone companies, where this is technically and operationally possible. It may also connect the user to the telephone information services of the same or even of third parties and to provide information from other available sources, which the company does not control or guarantee the completeness or accuracy.


4.1 The customer is billed under the current valid price list of the telecommunications network to which he or she has subscribed at the time of the provision of the service. The price list may be amended at any time under the provisions of the telecommunications legislation, consumer protection legislation and EETT decisions.

Υπηρεσία Τιμή Παρατηρήσεις
Πληροφορίες καταλόγου
Κλήσεις που προέρχονται από Δίκτυα Σταθερής Τηλεφωνίας 1,03€ / λεπτό * Ελάχιστη χρέωση 60”, και μετά χρέωση ανά λεπτό συνομιλίας
Κλήσεις που προέρχονται από το Δίκτυο Κινητής Τηλεφωνίας 1,23€ / λεπτό ** Ελάχιστη χρέωση 60”, και μετά χρέωση ανά δευτερόλεπτο
Ολοκλήρωση Κλήσης
Κλήσεις προερχόμενες από Δίκτυο Σταθερής Τηλεφωνίας προς συνδρομητικούς αριθμούς Δικτύου Σταθερής ή Κινητής Τηλεφωνίας 1,03€ / λεπτό * Ελάχιστη χρέωση 60”, και χρέωση ανά λεπτό συνομιλίας
Κλήσεις προερχόμενες από Δίκτυο Κινητής Τηλεφωνίας προς συνδρομητικούς αριθμούς Δικτύου Σταθερής ή Κινητής Τηλεφωνίας 1,23€ / λεπτό ** Ελάχιστη χρέωση 60”, και χρέωση ανά λεπτό συνομιλίας
* στις ως άνω τιμές συμπεριλαμβάνεται ΦΠΑ 24% + Τέλος Συνδρομητών Σταθερής Τηλεφωνίας 5%

**στις ως άνω τιμές συμπεριλαμβάνεται ΦΠΑ 24% + εφαρμόζεται επιπλέον Τέλος Κινητής Τηλεφωνίας 12%, 15%, 18% ή 20% ανάλογα με το ύψος του μηνιαίου λογαριασμού προ ΦΠΑ.
Αποστολή Αποτελεσμάτων μέσω SMS ΔΩΡΕΑΝ

4.3. Η εταιρία έχει συνάψει σχετική συμφωνία διασύνδεσης με τον Οργανισμό Τηλεπικοινωνιών Ελλάδος, στα πλαίσια της οποίας τιμολογούνται οι υπηρεσίες τερματισμού κλήσεων στις υπηρεσίες πληροφοριών καταλόγου της. Συνεπώς η εταιρία δεν φέρει ευθύνη για τυχόν διαφορετικές χρεώσεις που μπορεί να προκύψουν για κλήσεις από δίκτυο άλλου παρόχου υπηρεσιών σταθερής τηλεφωνίας προς το δίκτυό της και ειδικότερα προς τον αριθμό 11850, βάσει του εκάστοτε Υποδείγματος Προσφοράς Διασύνδεσης του ΟΤΕ.

5. Terms of Payment

5.1. The customer shall pay the amount billed, which is based on the respective price list of telecommunications network of which is a subscriber at the time of the service provision.

5.2. The obligation of the customer to pay is maintained even in the case that third parties use the service provided by the telephone connection of the client, and in case of insufficiency of existing data or on failure to complete the call due to operational or technical impossibility of other networks or of called party.

5.3. Detailed recording of charges can be provided upon request of the customer, by the provider of telecommunications services with which the client co-operates.

6. Denial of Service

The company has the right to a partial or total denial of access provision to its provided services if it determines that: a) the client proceeds to a non-overview use of service violating the contractual terms b) if it endangers its facilities using defective terminal equipment or other means c) if the amounts due by the customer to the telecommunications provider, to which the customer is a subscriber, have increased significantly, with the risk to be considered doubtful and if based on the customer’s history of outstanding debts, the customer creates the reasonable impression that he or she will not pay the existing amount.


In case the customer objects to the amount invoiced by the company, he/ she must acknowledge his/her objections in writing within four (4) weeks from the date of invoices, to the telecommunications services provider with whom he/she collaborates, otherwise he/she will be presumed to accept the charges.


If the data is provided by third parties, the company has no obligation to ensure the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the provided data and / or any non-compliance with the existing legislation, and / or that the information provided does not create conflict with any third party’s rights.


9.1 The company is not liable to the customer for any property damage that he/she may suffer due to the use of its services.

9.2. In case of major events that prevent or prohibit the implementation of the agreement by the company, the company has the right to suspend the service in the duration of the event, including a reasonable restart period.

9.3. The company is not responsible for the availability and accuracy of any third parties’ data requested through the respective directory inquiry services or for the successful implementation of connections through the call completion service. Also, it is not responsible for the content of the telephone conversation created between the customer and the called party through the service provided by it, for which call completion service it only provides the technical means of connection.

9.4. In case of the caller’s request for the provision of call forwarding service, the company is obliged to satisfy this request and accepts no responsibility for any call restrictions (e.g. Call blocking) which have been agreed and implemented by the respective telecommunications provider in order and on behalf of the subscriber.

9.5. The company does not guarantee the availability of their services from public telephone booths or telephone sets / call centers with call blocking.


10.1. The customer must comply with the terms of provision of the service and the relevant legislation. The personal subscriber data is made available to the customer as part of directory information services and forwarded to him/her for information purposes only.

10.2 The customer is not entitled to create electronic or printed telephone directories using the provided data with the intention to use these directories for sales promotion purposes, advertising etc. The customer must comply with the provisions of Greek legislation on the protection of personal data. Non-compliance gives entitlement of suspension or disruption of the service by the company.

11. Confidentiality of data

11.1. Personal customer data will be collected, processed or used only within the existing contractual relationship to the extent approved by the interested party according to the Privacy legislation about protection of personal data (l. 2472/1997 as amended) and the overall telecommunications legislation and the conditions of administrative licensing provision of the service that the company holds.

11.2. The customer agrees and accepts that his/her conversations with the service operator are likely to be supervised by other employees of the company for quality control and improvement of the service.

11.3. The connection of the client to the service means his/her acceptance of the terms of use, as well as the provision of consent to the recording of his/her personal information in the company’s database for the management of  service charges and the customer’s updating on new products or services. The personal customer data is kept on file with controlled and classified access procedures, security and respect for confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of the l. 2472/1997 and are neither transferred nor disclosed to third parties, with the exception of the following paragraph.

11.4. The customer agrees and accepts that for billing purposes the company can store and transfer to the respective telecommunications provider of fixed and / or mobile telephony in which the customer is working personal information such as:

a) The telephone connection identification data (caller ID -CLID) from which calls are made to the MEDIATEL TELEPHONE INFORMATION SERVICES SA network.

b) Elements that specify the duration of the call (date, start time, finish time) in which the customer has acquired access to the directory information service.

11.5. The company has created a special line of complaints, without extra charge to answer to any reasonable questions by the consumer about the charging of calls on the directory information short number 11850. Consumers may contact with the company via Tel no: +30214214 8030, Fax: +30214 214 85 85, or e-mail: 11850@mediatel.gr. Through the same number the consumer can confirm his/her personal data maintained by the company in its information systems. For changes to any of his/her personal data, the customer can communicate with the above telephone numbers and he/she will be informed of the renewal process. If the customer would like to be deleted from the database maintained by the company, he/she should send a signed statement for his/her removal from the information of this system on the above contact number. Otherwise, if the company does not receive the signed delete statement by the client to delete the information from its system, it retains the right to keep personal customer data for billing purposes, management and information about them under the relevant provisions of existing legislation.